Cool Caffeinated Coffee Recommendations from the Crew at Ralph’s

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Cool Caffeinated Coffee Recommendations from the Crew at Ralph’s

Its mid week and we can see the long weekend just over Thursday’s shoulder…One thing we use a lot to get us through the week at Ralph’s is coffee.  Bean juice, cuppa joe, morning jolt (often times in the afternoon as well).  We like to be cool and caffeinated.  Over the past few years, Tucson’s coffee scene has literally blown up!  There are so many options to choose from.

Ralph’s Moving and Storage warehouse is located in South Tucson, just off of Alvernon and Ajo and luckily for most of us, we pass quite a few coffee houses/shops on our way into work. I took a quick poll, and cultivated the favorites of everyone in the office. We came up with the following coffee recommendations:


To start, let’s stop at Coffee Xchange.  Coffee Xchange has a long history in Tucson and was founded by a University of Arizona graduate.  Currently Coffee Xchange is operated by two generations of Wildcat alumni.  Their coffee is roasted daily here in Tucson.  Kathleen and many Arizona graduates have fond memories of pulling all-nighters and getting their breakfast fix before class at the Coffee Xchange on Campbell and Grant.  Although that location is no longer there, you can find their two locations here:

Tanque Verde
6481 E. Camino Principal
Tucson, AZ 85715

8501 E. Broadway Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85710

*Kathleen’s coffee recommendation – “Any of the Xtremes, I crave them on many occasions!”

Four coffee cups with different stages of cofee

Courtesy of Coffee Xchange Instagram



Cartel Coffee Lab opened its first Tucson locale in 2009 and has that farm to table feel.  Cartel boasts personal relationships with the farms they garner their beans from.  Secondly, they also roast their own beans and even have a subscription service if you feel like making your beans at home.  The downtown shop has a counter service menu that includes pizza and beer.

210 E. Broadway Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85701

2516 N. Campbell Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85719

*Brad’s coffee recommendation – “Black Market Espresso really gets you fired up.”

Cartel Coffee Lab subscription coffee bag

Courtesy of Cartel Coffee Lab Instagram



Iron City Coffee, new on the scene, and close to our office.  Iron City has an extensive menu that includes smoothies and healthier fare as well as Baggin’s wraps and salads.  Close to a crossfit gym, caters to the fit crowd and even serves bullet proof coffee!

*Rob’s coffee recommendation – “Iced macchiato with Vanilla syrup, you get the best of both worlds.”

Iron City Coffee logo and coffee brewers

Courtesy of Iron City Coffee Instagram



Yellow Brick Coffee is a hidden, out of the way roaster café.  Founded in 2011, Yellow Brick also boasts both artisan beans and roasting techniques.  The brick and mortar officially opened its doors in 2014 and is called “the Oasis” by businesses that are in the surrounding area.  You can find sweet eats from Prep and Pastry there to compliment your coffee order.  Classes and events that can be found on their website!

3220 S. Dodge Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85713

*Nicole’s coffee recommendation – “Cold Brew, all day, end day.”


Assortment of coffee bean offerings from Yellow Brick Coffee

Courtesy of Yellow Brick Coffee Instagram



Café Con Leche at American Eat & Co. Market, is the newest coffee shop to open in South Tucson and is located in the new collective eatery concept. This spunky spot also has pan dulce to choose from that will take your cafecitos to the next level.

1439 S. 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85713

*Kevin’s coffee recommendation – “Try the cubano cortado and you won’t be sorry, or asleep!”

Latte and concha pan dulce at Cafe Con Leche

Courtesy of Cafe Con Leche Instagram



Dunkin’ Donuts on Craycroft and 22nd   OR  Circle K on Swan and 22nd .  You can’t beat the old stand bys.  From Dunkin’s familiar slogan ‘It’s time to make the donuts’ to getting gas and stopping in for the liquid gold of coffee brewed at Circle K, these two locations are en route to the office and are like guilty pleasures.

*Zulema’s coffee recommendation – “Tried and true, Circle K house roast”

Dunkin Donuts
5346 E. 22nd Street
Tucson, AZ 85711

Circle K
4701 E. 22nd Street
Tucson, AZ 85711

Circle K Coffee cup in coffee beans

Courtesy of Circle K Instagram


In conclusion, we hope that these recommendations will keep you cool and caffeinated this summer!


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