Different Strokes for Different Folks

Different Strokes for Different Folks


“Comparing Apples and Oranges”

 Why are all of my estimates so different?

This is a loaded question. The first thing we need to look at is did these estimates all come from the same caliber moving company? There can be a great disparity in the service level and integrity of moving companies.

Did all 5 estimates come from an internet company done on line, an over the phone estimate, or did they come from an in home estimate? If there is a large difference between estimates, then chances are they were not all done in the same fashion. If you are trying to compare estimates from multiple moving companies (i.e. internet vs. phone vs. in home estimate), you might as well be comparing an elephant to a field mouse. It would be easier.

Internet based companies rely on the information that you enter into an on-line form. The majority of their estimate is going to be based on an average weight per room as well as other questions. For example, do you have a pool table, how many cabinets in your kitchen, how many people live in your home. You must take into consideration, each on line company has different questions. If you happen to answer slightly different you are going to get different estimates. It is very difficult to accurately estimate the conents and requirements for an interstate move, or any move for that matter, by filling out a simple form.

Phone based moving companies also function very much like an internet based company. Again the questions they ask you are designed to guess how much weight you might have per room. If your answers vary a little from company to company or each company’s weight tables are different, you are going to get very different estimates. 

An in-home estimate is the most accurate way to estimate the cost of moving. A trained professional, often times a “Certified Moving Consultant,” will come to your home, sit down with you, and ask a series of questions. By the end of the estimate they will understand what you’re looking for as wells as your needs for your move. They will tour your home with you looking at every room, closet, cabinet, & drawer (inside and out) of the home. When they are done they will have a comprehensive list of everything that you need moved and packed. This is why it’s not only the best method, but the most accurate as well.

The best thing you can do is get three estimates from major name brand moving companies. Make sure they all provide an in-home estimate. Once you have done this you will see that it is much easier to compare companies. If you follow this advice you should not see more than a 10% difference between the companies. Its always possible to have large discrepancies even with in-home estimates. The nice thing is you have an actual person that you’ve met to call and ask any questions you may have to help clear things up so you can make the most informed decision when moving all of your earthly possessions.

It’s also important to know the different types of estimates moving companies can provide. There are Non-Binding Estimates, Guaranteed Not to Exceed (GNTE), or a Guaranteed Price (Binding Estimate). For as much fun as that sounds like discussing write now, we’re going to leave it for another day. Stay tuned…….

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