How to Protect Your Carpet and Floors During a Move

How to Protect Your Carpet and Floors During a Move

Moving can be extremely stressful on the mind and the body. It’s difficult to plan for, exhausting to move an entire home, plus unexpected problems tend to arise. At the very worst, you’re at risk of paying for damages made to the floor from furniture and possibly losing your deposit.

And while it’s cheaper to do it yourself, it’s always great to hire professional Tucson moving help that can do it cleanly, quickly, and more efficiently. In the meantime, you can learn how you can prepare your house before the big day.



Protection Film

Carpet is notorious for being difficult to remove stains from. So before anything, remove any objects that can create a mess like flower vases, uncapped bottles, and opened packages. This is simple prep work to remember for any future moving, among other things.

The first suggestion is to use plastic or polyethylene film. It can be purchased in large rolls for carpeted, wooden, and tiled floor rooms. When you think of a film, it can strike you as counterintuitive, but it’s specially made for moving. This means that many are adhesive, making them more resistant to punctures and tears from shoes or furniture. Quality film removes easily and leaves no residue behind.


To avoid that hassle altogether, an alternative like plywood could be a better option. Placing plywood sheets down along the moving line is one of the quickest ways to set up floor protection and keep moisture and dirt from soaking into the carpet. The most efficient place to lay it down would be in heavy traffic areas. Although, plywood’s biggest downside is that it can be pretty expensive.

Spray-on Carpet Cleaner and Rags

However, films can be costly considering several rooms may have carpet. But sometimes things happen. That’s why a few rags and spray-on cleaner nearby can come in handy. They’re inexpensive, are effective on fresh stains, and work great in tandem with other protectants. But they aren’t always the best at lifting tough, dried stains that could get overlooked while moving furniture.

Hardwood and Tile Floors



Protection Film

Wood floors are resistant, but maintenance is a must. Prior to laying down the film, be sure to clean tile and wooden floors thoroughly. The dirt and grime on floors can affect the quality of the adhesive and pull it up while you’re walking across it. Arizona is quite a dusty place, so tracking dirt and dust into your home is almost impossible to avoid. Using protection film is crucial for your Tucson moving help to do the best job they can.

Once cleaned, the film can take on any dirt, water, or debris. This can be appealing for loaded areas, like food products in the kitchen and hygiene products in bathrooms.


As mentioned above, plywood can be pricey, but there are cheaper options like cardboard. But unlike carpet, using plywood for wooden and tile floors will decrease friction. This can be dangerous while moving, so use caution. On the other hand, professional services can relieve worries of injury and save you money on pricey, hazardous floor protection.

Heavy-duty Paper

Heavy-duty paper is akin to polyethylene film in that it uses an adhesive to protect flooring. This is one of the most durable forms of protection for wood and tile; even construction workers use it to protect new floors from spills, paint splatter, and scratches. The paper can not only be applied to wooden and tile floors but vinyl and concrete ones, as well. Just take into account whether or not the material is fortified against tearing, slipping, and water.

Rugs, Rug Runners, and Doormats

Runners, rugs, and doormats are especially good at catching footprints and dirt. This option is recommended with old rugs and runners that’ll be thrown away afterward. To maximize use, place it in high traffic areas like hallways and doorways. Rug runners specifically can be the most difficult to work with because they often bunch up, especially on tile, so be sure to place heavy, inconsequential objects down that’ll pull them taut.


Extra Tips

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Save Floors of Excess Debris with Doormats

It may not look like much, but the lip along the doorframe can prove to be challenging. Especially if you’ve been gliding heavy furniture across rooms, now you must lift it up. After moving several objects, debris can collect in the area, not to mention scuffing from struggling to get furniture through the door. To avoid this, use a thick doormat inside and outside the home to give you something to fall back on.

Added Protection with Furniture Leg Covers

Table and chair legs sometimes can’t be completely covered, especially when the legs have intricate designs that make wrapping difficult. When taking it apart isn’t an option, consider covering your chair and table legs with socks alongside other protectants like bubble wrap.

They aren’t what you think: they’re specifically designed for furniture legs. Socks are flexible, noiseless, and most importantly, will protect the ends of your furniture from scraping your hardwood floors. They are often made with a thick fabric and can be purchased in large bundles, too.

Use a Dolly with Rubber Wheels Instead of Metal Wheels

Like rubber car wheels, rubber dolly wheels are built to cross several terrain types such as gravel, grass, dirt, and asphalt. Metal wheels are more likely to get caught up on objects and are best suited for smooth surfaces. Alternatively, rubber wheels can limit any setbacks and save on time.

DIY moving is an exhausting experience for everyone. Measures can be taken to make it a little easier, but unfortunately, the one thing that’s inescapable is the loss of time and strength. At Ralph’s Moving and Storage, we offer professional moving services no matter if it’s for a rental, home, or office. For Tucson moving help and to save on time and money, call us at (520) 622-6461 and ask about our full or self-service options!

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