In Home Estimates: A must have for moving

In Home Estimates: A must have for moving


“Who likes surprises on moving day?”


Would you let your Dentist pull a tooth without first checking it for decay?

Would you buy a car without test driving it?

Would you get a brain tumor removed without a MRI first?

If you answered yes to any of these question, then go ahead and move without getting an in home estimate. The moving industry in not selling vacuum cleaners. They are not trying to get in the door to show you how great their vacuum cleaner is and spend 4 hours at your kitchen table selling you a vacuum.

You cannot get an accurate estimate for your move if you do not let the moving company see what you want moved and packed. Every person and every home is unique. This makes every move unique. The in home estimate is also an opportunity for you to interview the moving company. The level of professionalism from the estimator, their appearance and their knowledge level is going to be a very good indicator of the entire company. If the estimator walks through the door in flip flops, shorts, a Tommy Bahamas Shirt and has a ball cap on, well you probably can imagine what their crew is going to look like. If they are not willing to sit down and take a few minutes to explain the process, listen to your needs and answer your questions, well you can imagine how your move will turn out.

Consider this, all major corporation have moving contracts with moving companies. The Federal Government has moving contracts with major moving companies. Neither of these groups will allow their employees to be moved until the moving company has done an in home estimate.

Moving is a major life event, as humans we do not buy a TV without spending hours on line researching and hours inside the electronics store looking at them and asking questions. We do not buy a car without researching on line and spending weeks test driving cars. We do not buy a house without looking for months with a professional realtor. So why would you ever consider letting a mover you found on line, filled out a form and have never met, come to your house load up everything you own, everything that you have worked so hard to obtain, and move it for you. It makes no sense.

The in home estimate is the single most important part of your move. If your mover is not willing to perform an in home estimate, you should not hire that mover!


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