Interstate Moving Checklist

Interstate Moving Checklist

Interstate Moving Checklist

‏Moving house is consistently ranked as one of the most stressful life events. When you’re moving between states, that pressure only increases. Take a deep breath and review this interstate moving checklist to make sure that everything in your control is under control.‏ At Ralph’s Moving & Storage, we’re here to help make interstate moving as stress-free as possible.


Rehome Your Plants

‏To thrive, houseplants need a stable temperature, sunlight, and water. None of this is available on a moving truck. Not only that, some states have laws that prohibit certain plants from entering or leaving the area. ‏

‏Packing all your plants into a tiny space can also increase the likelihood of pest infestations or mold issues jumping from one plant to the others. ‏

‏The kindest and safest thing you can do for your houseplants during an interstate move is to find them a new, loving home. Groups on social media are a great way to find new plant parents, or you can give them to friends in the area and watch your plants grow from afar. ‏

‏Discard Hazardous Materials‏

‏Some products you have in your home may not be permitted for transport across state lines. Pesticides, poisons, and fertilizers should be discarded or donated before you start packing up your belongings. ‏

‏No Fireworks‏

‏The regulations governing fireworks vary wildly from state to state. Alabama and Arkansas have few restrictions on what fireworks can be possessed by individuals, while Massachusetts allows no fireworks at all. If you have fireworks, shoot them off at your going away party and avoid transporting them across state lines. ‏

Clear Out Fire Hazards

‏When everything you own is going to be stored in one place while whizzing across the country, avoiding the risk of fire or explosion just makes sense. Empty any propane bottles used to power grills or outdoor heaters. You may be able to return the empty canister and get a deposit back.‏ Consider adding researching where to deposit empty canisters to earn your deposit back to your interstate moving checklist.

‏Fill Your Prescriptions‏

‏Getting established with a new doctor and pharmacy in a new state often takes some time. Avoid gaps in your medication regimen by arranging to fill your prescriptions just before the move. Some medications can be refilled early, giving you an extra cushion — ask your pharmacist if this service is available. ‏


‏Set Aside One Month of Essentials‏

‏Depending on how far you’re moving, it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for your belongings to join you. If you’re using temporary storage, consider setting aside essentials prior to packing. Consult your moving company to get a delivery time estimate. ‏

‏No matter what the estimate is, pack as if you’re going to be without everything on the moving truck for one month. Even the most reputable of companies occasionally have delays due to weather, traffic, and other uncontrollable factors. ‏

‏Essentials include prescription medications, personal care items, and clothes ‏

‏You need comfortable clothes for the move-out day, move-in day, and the journey from state to state. ‏‏

New Job Preparation

If you’re starting a new job, make sure you add packing clothes for a few weeks of work to your interstate moving checklist. ‏

‏While a dinner out is probably the furthest thing from your mind as you prepare to move across states, you should still include at least one or two ‘nice’ outfits. Taking a break from unpacking with a nice meal in your new neighborhood is one of the few pleasures available to you during an interstate move. ‏

Identify Support

When it comes to moving across states, don’t expect to do it alone. ‏

● ‏If you’re moving for a job offer, ask your new employer what support is available for relocating employees.‏

● ‏ If you’re moving to be near family, maybe someone would be willing to meet the internet installer so you have wi-fi set up before you arrive.‏

● ‏Give your neighbor a gift card or a nice bottle of wine, in case you have to ask them to intercept any mail sent to the wrong address after the move. ‏

● ‏A reputable moving company is your number one ally when it comes to protecting your budget and your belongings during an interstate move.

As a long-time Arizona mover, we have a ton of useful resources to help make your move as easy as possible. Check out our guide on preparing for your move with less obvious tips and our moving essentials checklist.

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