Packing and Crating Tips

Packing and Crating Tips


“Crating- When a box just isn’t enough.”


Some items we move can’t fit in a box, are too fragile or are far too valuable.  So what is the best way to move (“Ship”) these types of items??

Crating- wood framed container built to the specific dimensions of 1 item.

Crating, yes is an added cost, but for some items the additional cost of having a custom crate built is the only option.

Some example of common items to be crated but not limited to:

  • Large Glass Tops
  • Large Mirrors with Ornate frames
  • Expensive Artwork/ Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Marble and Stone Tops

Don’t be afraid to talk to your moving company about these items and any others that you may not be sure about.

Preparation is the most important part of any move and crating is usually done a few days prior so make sure arrangements are made to have this service done.

Attached is a picture of an example of a crate.


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