FAQ’s About Moving


Preparing for your move – more importantly – being prepared for your move is the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly. Get all your questions about moving answered by the experts here at Ralph’s Moving & Storage. We’re always only a call away!

Why contact Ralph’s Moving & Storage over other moving companies?

Ralph’s Moving & Storage is a local, family-owned and operated company since 1926. As an interstate agent of Atlas Van Lines, we can help with local, long-distance, and commercial moves or storage. The 50,000 square foot warehouse is full service and military-approved for storage. All of our employees are trained and background checked. Good service is the best measure of a good moving company.

How soon should I contact for estimates & to book my move?

To ensure that your dates are available, we recommend you book your move as soon as you have your dates, at least two weeks in advance. During the summer, we recommend booking at least four to six weeks in advance, due to the peak season. If your moving date is flexible, then this is mostly up to you.


If you know the date you need to be moved out of your current home by, then we advise to book your move as soon as you can confirm that date. Remember the beginning of the month and weekends can be busy times, so plan ahead!


The sooner you schedule your move, the better prepared we can all be.

What are items Ralph's cannot move as household goods and are not covered by North American’s Protection Policy?

By law, Ralph’s and Atlas are prohibited from moving items such as household cleaning chemicals, fireworks, guns, etc. For a complete list of non-allowable items or things to plan on moving yourself, visit www.atlasvanlines.com/Moving-Tips/How-To-Move-Guides/Non-Allowables

Reference this PDF for examples of hazardous materials Ralph’s cannot move.

When is a good time to move?

Take all factors into consideration when deciding on the best time for you to move. Keep in mind, however, that the summer months (mid-May to mid-September) and the beginning and end of each month (regardless of the season) are particularly busy for moving companies and may require more flexibility and advanced scheduling.

Moving in the fall or winter gives more flexibility, shorter delivery times, and lower rates!

What are moving reservations or arrangements to consider?

Think of all arrangements that might complicate moving from your current home and into your new home. Does your building have specific moving guidelines? Contact your property manager to learn specific requirements.
Consider elevator capabilities, parking lot space availability, and any other complexities that could complicate your move and ensure your move coordinator is aware of these circumstances.

How much time will my move take?

How much time your move will take depends on many varying factors: are you moving locally, nationally or internationally? What time of year are you moving? Are you packing your house or opting for packing services? How many rooms and so much more. The simplest way to estimate your moving timeline is to call Ralph’s and work out your specific details. 520-622-6461

How soon will my household goods be delivered if I'm moving out of state?

Depending on the weight of your shipment and the distance (mileage) to destination, there is a generated delivery spread of dates that the driver must deliver within, and the customer must be available to accept delivery. This is provided on the estimate before the move is booked. If there are any restrictions, please advise your estimator.

What is an Order For Service?

This document authorizes the company to provide all of the services described in the estimate. It will list the addresses, phone numbers, dates, and services. It also provides the ability to list any releasing or receiving agents on your behalf that are not listed on the estimate.

How much will my move cost me?

An accurate moving estimate depends on several things. What are the size and weight of items you need to move? How far are you moving them? Do you need help to ensure their safe packing for transport (packing services)? To receive an estimate for all of the services you require, please contact us at 520-622-6461. We offer free in-home estimates, and for your safety and convenience, we have the ability to do virtual walk-throughs as well!

Will the moving company give me an accurate estimate?

Rest assured Ralph’s will always provide accurate estimates. To recieve the most accurate estimate, it is important you provide your move coordinator with all necessary information. Unique items that need moving (like pianos and flat-screens), correct number of rooms (including garages), and accurate moving dates are crucial pieces of information for accurate estimation.

Is a deposit required to cover my move?

For interstate or intrastate moves, payment is due before the delivery of your household goods. If your move is hourly, then payment is due upon completion.

What are ways to save money moving?

There are many ways to save costs while moving and ensure all goes according to plan. Visit our moving tips blog to learn some money-saving tips and educate yourself on tax-deductible moving expenses!

What types of payments does Ralph’s accept?

Ralph’s accepts all major credit cards except American Express. You can also pay in cash or cashier’s check.

For ATLAS Shipments, all forms of payment are accepted; all major credit cards, ACH debit, cash, cashier’s check.

For full information, reference our payment methods.

What is Full Replacement Value Protection `{`FVP`}` or Valuation?

Full Value protection/Valuation is NOT insurance. It is the option to purchase additional coverage for your shipment. We recommend that you check with your insurance provider to confirm if you already have this coverage included in your renters or homeowners insurance. If so, you will not want to purchase this coverage twice. Valuation is the amount of liability that Atlas/Ralph’s will accept for the value of your goods if damaged or lost while in their possession. Valuation is limited to $6.00/pound times the weight of your shipment, unless you declare a higher value. Before selecting a liability level, please read “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”, provided by the moving company, and seek further information at the government website www.protectyourmove.gov

Where can I get boxes and moving equipment?

Ralph’s offers free, used boxes to our customers, if available. Once you have signed your paperwork and booked your move, you can call our office to request boxes. We will check that we have those boxes available, and then you can pick up with advanced notice. If you do not need the boxes right away, we can drop them off when we are in the area. If we do not have those boxes available, you are able to purchase new boxes.

Aside from sturdy boxes, you should use reliable moving gear to protect your move. For heavy items, good gloves, moving dollies, and hand trucks are crucial to move these items safely. Contact Ralph’s for all the moving equipment necessary for your move!

Do I have to disassemble and reassemble my furniture myself or will he movers do that?

Our moving team is more than willing to disassemble and reassemble furniture for your move! Some unique items, like pool tables, pianos, or statues, require special packing. These are considerations necessary to tell your move coordinator and they will include this service in your moving quote.

Are there special instructions for packing?

To pack your items for maximum protection, use bubble wrap or stretch wrap, moving blankets, and paper or towels for padded protection. For worry-free packing, let Ralph’s packing service handle it! If you want to handle packing yourself- visit our blog for tips, tricks, and special instructions for packing!

What are household items that need preparation for moving day?

Some household items do need special preparation for moving day. Freezers, dishes, CDs, and printers, to name a few, are all special household goods that require special consideration. Visit our blog for tips, tricks, and special instructions for packing!