The time has come for an estimate…..

The time has come for an estimate…..


“So many choices…..”


There are three types of moving estimate options available when moving, non-binding, binding, and not-to-exceed estimates.

First, the binding estimate. A binding estimate is an estimate obligating you to pay the price you and your preferred moving company agree to before your goods are loaded onto the truck. The weight of the shipment has no effect on your price. Regardless of the weight going up or down, you pay the same price. However, it should be noted if you add items and/or additional services your moving company has every right to revise their estimate before your shipment is loaded. Price certainty is the main advantage of a binding estimate.

Second, the non-binding estimate. A non-binding estimate is an estimate in its truest form. You will be obligated to pay for ACTUAL weight and services. This means the price can go up or down based on the services requested, the weight of the shipment, and the general accuracy of the estimate. If your price goes up, you only have to pay up to 110% of the estimated cost at the time of delivery. If there is a remaining balance in addition to the 110% then you will be billed that amount and be expected to pay within 30 days.

The third and final estimate option is the not-to-exceed estimate. This estimate type has become increasingly popular over the years and is offered by a majority of moving companies across the nation. The not-to-exceed estimate is the best of both worlds to a certain degree. You will be charged either the binding price or actual cost based on whichever price is lower.

These are the three types of moving estimates available to customers when moving with any national van lines. One important note to remember is to always get your final price in writing from your preferred moving company. The last thing anyone wants on moving day is surprises.

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