Why Use Temporary Storage?

Why Use Temporary Storage?

Are you considering temporary storage for your move? Searching for moving companies with temporary storage solutions can be tedious! But look no further! Storage in transit (SIT) is a temporary warehousing solution that we recommend to our customers. It can be used as temporary storage before and after the move, as commercial storage, or it can be used if the customer needs additional time to find a permanent location for their goods.

This blog is to provide a comprehensive look at all you’d need to know about Ralph’s storage services, partnered with Atlas Van Lines, including the different types of storage in transit, what to expect with temporary storage between moves and more!

The Different Types of Temporary Storage


Residential temporary storage is the stowage of personal belongings, such as furniture and household items. This temporary storage solution is best suited for those moving across town or state lines who need time to find a permanent residence before unloading their temporary storage unit at their new location.


Commercial temporary storage services are better suited to businesses that have inventory they want to store in temporary storage, including items like furniture or equipment. Inventory temporary warehousing is a solution for businesses that need to store inventory between moves or during renovations or construction at their current location.

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What are some different common uses for Storage in Transit (SIT)?

Home Renovation

Home renovation temporary storage is for items that are being stored during renovations or construction at a permanent residence. Rental temporary storage can be used to store furniture, household goods and excess inventory while a home undergoes an extensive renovation project.

Home Staging

Commercial clients use temporary storage for home staging when they need a place to hold furniture and household items between projects. This storage solution is ideal for commercial clients like real estate agents and interior designers who are preparing to sell homes, but need time and space to house goods before homes can be listed on the market.

Student Storage

Kids headed to U of A? Use temporary storage to hold their belongings when they leave for college. This solution is perfect for holding all of your child’s personal items while they make the transition from home life to dorm room living.

Downsizing Temporarily

Temporary storage is great for those looking to downsize. An example is often for seniors who are moving into a retirement community or want to downsize their current residence. This temporary solution provides an easy way to safeguard personal belongings and other household items without having to make multiple trips back and forth between your current location and the new temporary, assisted living facility you’re moving into.

Excess Furniture Storage

Have too much furniture but not ready to part with it for a specific reason? Consider temporary storage for all of your excess furniture. The temporary storage unit can be used as a place to store these personal effects until you find the right time and space to unload them permanently.

Moving Abroad

For those who are moving abroad, temporary storage is a great way to store belongings while transitioning into the new location. This solution provides an easy and convenient option for those who need time before officially unpacking their personal items from temporary storage at their permanent residence.

Archival Storage

Archival temporary storage is for the safekeeping of vital documents, such as personal records and family heirlooms. This temporary solution provides an easy and safe way to store these important items until you’re ready to remove them.

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All of the above-mentioned temporary storage solutions are easy and convenient for individuals who need time before permanently moving items back home, across town or state lines.

Local moving and storage companies that offer Storage in transit (SIT).

As one of the world’s best known and most trusted names in moving, Ralph’s partnered with Atlas for temporary storage solutions. Atlas stands by their theme to “help you go new places, door to door.” With the Atlas network of secure warehouses, you can keep your things safely in their care until you’re ready to receive them. They call this Atlas Storage-in-Transit (SIT) and the term storage in transit is interchangeable with temporary storage.

With Ralph’s & Atlas SIT, your goods stay packed in their original cartons and are kept safe in an Atlas-qualified warehouse. Atlas SIT provides up to 180 days (roughly six months) of temporary storage. This gives you time to prepare for taking delivery—and to schedule a delivery time most convenient for you. (Storage longer than 180 days is also available; talk to your Ralph’s Atlas Account Representative.)

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Here are the two methods Atlas provides for storage in transit (SIT):


For secure short-term storage, Atlas offers an optional service called “Storage-In-Transit.”

  • We’ll place your items in secure containers at our warehouse.
  • Household items stay packed in their original moving cartons.
  • Upholstered furniture is stored on specially designed racks and protected from dust and dirt with stretch wrap.
  • Your items will remain in our safekeeping until you are ready for delivery.
  • This service is easily available from your Atlas Agent at an additional cost. Ask your Atlas representative for details.


Atlas Agents maintain secure storage facilities across the U.S. and Canada for long-term needs. Agent warehouses are inspected regularly to ensure they meet our high standards for safety, security, and cleanliness.

Store things for as long as you need. Your local Agent can provide you with some of the best storage and moving options in your community.

We also offer storage for moving overseas in cooperation with our international licensees and partners. Wherever you go with us, you have reliable solutions to keep your belongings safe.

So, Why Use Temporary Storage?

temporary storage in transit moving company tucsonRegardless of how large or small the move, it can be a big leap from where you are now. Atlas knows this, and that’s why — since 1948 — they’ve worked hard to make your move easier, whether it’s across town, across country, or across the ocean.

Today, Atlas is a highly-regarded and trusted partner of corporations to move their employees and families, a respected choice of demanding military and government customers, preferred by individual families wanting to make their best move.

To skip the headaches, opt for professional packing from Ralph’s and let us handle it all! From preparing to move all the way to unpacking at your final destination!

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