Moving Paperwork: The Inventory

Moving Paperwork: The Inventory


“Why do I need an invenory?” 


One aspect of the moving process is to have a detailed inventory done of all of your earthly possessions, or at least the ones going on the truck with your mover. The main purpose of the detailed inventory is to have a record of the existence and condition of each item. A detailed inventory of your shipment will list any damage or unusual wear to any of your items prior to them being moved.

Once the detailed inventory is complete you will be asked to sign each page. Before signing the detailed inventory pages it is important to make sure all items are listed and the descriptions of conditions of the household goods (HHG) are accurate. It is at this time when you should make note of any disagreements you may have on the detailed inventory. One person’s “gouge” may be another person’s “surface scratch.” When your shipment is delivered the detailed inventory will be an imperative part in making sure you have the ability to dispute any lost or damaged items.

When the inventory is done the driver will give you a copy of all the inventories. The driver will, more than likely, keep the originals as well as any other additional copies. It is important that the driver keeps a copy of the inventories with the Bill of Lading.

And that, in a nutshell, is why the detailed inventory is an important part of the moving process. It protects all parties throughout the duration of the move.

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