Does Everything Have to be in Boxes for Movers?

Does Everything Have to be in Boxes for Movers?

Does Everything Have to be in Boxes for Movers?

Taking the show on the road, are you? Headed into a new home or office space? Welcome to the club of an estimated 9.8% of all Americans that will move this year alone. And within that group, AMSA findings show that roughly 33% will utilize moving services like trucks and professional movers. Which prompts the question, “does everything have to be in boxes for movers?” Here, we break down all you need to know about movers’ expectations and how Ralph’s Moving & Storage has moving boxes galore to accommodate packing all your belongings safely and securely.

In short, the answer to your question is, “It depends, but more often than not, yes.” Generally, if it will fit in a box, then it is a good idea to put said items in one. At Ralph’s, we don’t ask that customers (i.e. shippers) box everything, but it is certainly recommended across our industry as the safest and most efficient way to move your beloved items. Whether it be across town or across the country, boxing your belongings will protect your items and help to ensure everything arrives safely and soundly.

Will movers refuse to move items not boxed?

Naturally, each moving company will have procedures that may differ slightly from another. However, you may find that we all agree across the board on boxing as much as possible when moving. The reason being, when everything is packed properly, chances are good you will have a nice, square, uniform load. This is good for both parties (both the customers and the professional moving team) because it promotes safety on both ends. You see, it’s important to have a load that is square and/or uniform because this reduces movement during the trek. The more items move (shift) whilst driving, the greater the chances for damage.

Of course, it is every driver’s goal to keep every shipment as “tight” as possible. Not only will this allow drivers to get more items on their trucks (which saves you some serious cash), but it will also reduce movement after loading. This keeps your drivers safe while managing loads during transit and also saves them the paperwork of items that are potentially damaged along the way. Trust us, no one intentionally sets out to destroy your belongings, and in truth, your satisfaction is what helps moving businesses flourish via word-of-mouth marketing and referrals.

boxing items for movers on moving day

What if I have items that don’t work with a box?

Some items we move can’t fit in a box, are too fragile, or are far too valuable.  So what is the best way to move (“Ship”) these types of items??

In short, crating. Crates are wood-framed containers built to the specific dimensions of 1 item. Although crating is an added cost, for some items the additional cost of having a custom crate built is the only option.

Some examples of common items to be crated but not limited to:

  • Large Glass Tops
  • Large Mirrors with Ornate frames
  • Expensive Artwork/ Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Marble and Stone Tops

Don’t be afraid to talk to your moving company about these items and any others that you may not be sure about. Keep in mind that preparation is the most important part of any move and crating is usually done a few days prior so make sure arrangements are made to have this service done.


Where can I get boxes for moving for free?

You’ll find tons of options and suggestions from others who have moved before you. Perhaps you have a “buy nothing” or community barter page within your neighborhood social platforms. You may also frequent behind-the-store boxes from retail locations and grocery shops. However, those can oftentimes be hit or miss with regard to quantity and quality.

Ralph’s offers free, used boxes to our customers, if available. Once you have signed your paperwork and booked your move, you can call our office to request boxes. It’s that easy! We will check that we have those boxes available, and then you can pick them up with advanced notice. We are always on the lookout for boxes as well, and you can bet that if we are offering boxes, they hold up to the standard of what we believe moving materials should. So, if you’re still wondering ‘does everything need to be in boxes for movers’, the answer should be ‘why not?’. We have them here for you, for free.

If you do not need the boxes right away, we can drop them off when we are in the area. This is helpful when you begin packing boxes for moving ahead of time to prepare for a smooth and timely move. If we do not have those boxes available, you are able to purchase new boxes.

Should I hire packers to pack my home when moving?

Sure can! In fact, we highly recommend it as we are trained and experienced in both packing and loading. So your entire shipment is packed with everything in mind, from placement to unpacking. Our Atlas agents will point out any special pieces or concerns you have when wondering if everything needs to be in boxes for movers.

Can I trust packers with packing and moving my stuff?

While we would like to speak for all of those in our industry, we understand that people have had bad experiences with other moving companies. That said, we stand by our commitment to offer both professionalism and protection. In fact, our Atlas Initiative is to request background checks on all temporary and part-time laborers as well.

How do I protect furniture when moving?

So, technically, does everything have to be in boxes for movers? Well, not everything can be. So, while the good rule of thumb is to pack in boxes what can fit in boxes, you still want to know how to move your furniture safely and securely. We offer Atlas stretch wrap, a strong, flexible, clear material made from recycled plastic. It shields your fine fabrics from dirt, dust and stains throughout your move. What’s even better news? You don’t have to ask for it—we include it at no extra charge.

Can I hire movers to just pack and load or unpack and unload?

When it comes to moving, we understand the importance of budgeting what works for you and your household goods. Maybe you just need help with the packing and have the haul itself handled. Maybe the other way around. Either way, we offer our Atlas self-pack and self-haul option.

How do I ensure proper packing to prevent breaking when moving?

DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE IN BOXES FOR MOVINGAt Ralph’s, our services are offered to make packing as easy as possible. We offer custom-built boxing options to fit items like flat-screen TVs and mirrors, etc. We also assist with guidance around proper packing while keeping things organized and labeled so that unpacking becomes less of a hassle.

So, ultimately, does everything have to be in boxes for movers? It’s up to you. But the more you have boxed or wrapped, the better for all parties and processes. The good news is, Ralph’s has everything you need from boxes to stretch wrap and everything in between so your move goes smoothly and your goods are packed securely. Have questions or a unique moving need? Call us today to discuss affordable solutions to your moving needs.

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